How can you help?

There's actually many ways you can help protect our farms and forests!

  • Educate yourself on buried HVDC. It is comparable in cost, probably less expensive in maintenance, and preserves our environment. This is the way forward to protect our fields and forests.

  • Become a member of Preserve Rural Maine

  • Write a public comment on the PUC website. The docket number for this case is 2021-00369. You will need this number to post a comment.
    This is the link to post a comment.
    This is the link to review other comments.

  • Write a courteous and professional letter to the editor at Bangor Daily News, Portland Press Herald, the Maine Monitor, or any other newspaper which is reporting in a biased way about this project

  • Call and write your State Senator and State Representative

  • Share articles and memes on social media and with your friends via email

  • Contact any local organization of which you are a member: hunting, fishing, forestry, environmental, farming: ask them to come forward in support of buried HVDC lines

  • Write a testimonial, or make a testimonial video (preferably in horizontal aspect ratio) - let us know so we can share. Things to mention, in a polite and professional manner:

    • how will this proposed transmission corridor impact your health, culture, economics, and livelihood

    • how your communications with LS Power and your state reps have been going

  • We are making compilation videos: send us snapshots or smartphone videos- preferably in horizontal aspect ratio, along with details about where the shot was taken and permission for us to edit and re-use.
    Photograph the natural beauty unspoiled by above-ground transmission lines, such as the following image, or here’s another example of a video clip.

GIS Files

Here is the GIS file in gpx format which you can view in On X Maps

Here is the GIS file in kml format which can be viewed in Google Earth