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What are the private property impacts from the proposed transmission line?

The first in a series.

I debated about how to present this information- as a series of detailed screenshots, as a PDF, as several posts? I settled on a video. This will be the first of several.

As mentioned before, I hand-digitized the proposed corridor from the PDF file provided by LS Power.

While this sounds tedious and inaccurate, it’s not as bad as you think, and prior to AI, this was how maps were made - looking and tracing. So it’s a legitimate form of map-making.

The video should give you an idea as to what sort of issues we are seeing with the corridor. I also touch on the property value impacts (significant) and will add detail in future posts.


The hand digitized GIS file

Actual farmland impacts vs “direct” impacts

What do 12 wind farms look like? Actual vs “direct” impacts

Bury the lines

NH and VT are burying HVDC and protecting their environment: why can’t we?

Underground HVDC costs less, according to the data.

Protect Maine Farmland
Protect Maine Farmland