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Palermo Farmland

These are some of the pristine views of organic farmland that LS Power proposes to cover with 140' transmission lines, on land taken by eminent domain.

140 feet is 14 stories. It is the height of some of the tallest buildings in Portland, Maine. It is more than twice the height of a White Pine.

This is some of the best farmland in Maine. The views are enjoyed by the entire town, and the farmland represents our food security.

Read this article to understand WHY and HOW the lines can be buried High Voltage DC. There are potentially a dozen corridors in the works and no comprehensive plan. Stop Gateway Grid, we need to plan ahead.

New Hampshire and Vermont are doing it underground. Ask you legislator: Why can’t we do something like the Twin State Clean Energy Link - which will be 75 miles UNDERGROUND or in existing energy corridors?

Protect Maine Farmland
Protect Maine Farmland